Officers & Board of Directors


Patrick McEneaney, DPM     Kyle Pearson, DPM

Vice President

David Yeager, DPM  
Ashley Lee, DPM
Secretary   Immediate Past President
Patrick Sanchez, DPM    
Bruce Smit, DPM

Board of Directors

Director at Large Kellen Cohn, DPM
Director at Large Ralph Esposito, DPM
Director at Large Sabrina Landers, DPM
Director at Large Peter Lovato, DPM
Director at Large Thomas Nordquist, DPM
Director at Large Narendra Patel, DPM

APMA Delegate, 2020 Jondelle Jenkins, DPM
APMA Delegate, 2021 Patrick McEneaney, DPM
APMA Delegate, 2021 Sev Hrywnak, DPM
APMA Delegate, 2021 Helena Reid, DPM
 APMA Delegate, 2022  Douglas Pacaccio, DPM
 APMA Delegate, 2022  Ada Paolucci, DPM
 APMA Delegate, 2022  Marlene Reid, DPM
 APMA Delegate, 2022  Francis Rottier, DPM

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Burr Ridge, IL 60527

Tel: 312.427.5810
Fax: 312.427.5813
Illinois toll free: 888.869.3338

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