COVID-19 Message from IPMA President

My fellow IPMA members,

I wanted to update the membership on several points with the current health crisis. The following will help answer some questions. 

Midwest Podiatry Conference

The conference is being postponed at this time secondary to COVID-19.  While the conference has not been officially rescheduled yet, the MPC Executive Council is currently looking at the last weekend in October for a possible date. An announcement will be made once all the details have been addresses.

SBA Loans

There are disaster relief loans through the SBA.  We have added links to our website and the APMA website  also has good information on this.

Closing Offices

Some podiatrists' offices are closing temporarily, or they are limiting hours during this health crisis.  There will be patients with acute injuries, ulcers, infections, and pain who will need to be seen.  It is crucial that we keep these patients out of the Emergency Room and Urgent Care Centers.  This will limit their risk of exposure to COVID-19 and will also keep the stress down on our emergency doctor counterparts.  If you are not open, please find another IPMA member to refer these patients to.  This will not only keep the continuity of patient care, but it will also help support your brethren.  


Last week, President Trump touted the use of telehealth for patients.  These visits are being covered by most carriers, best to confirm with your provider. This is a safe way for your most vulnerable patients to be seen.  Billing and coding for these visits are different among carriers. More information is available on our website, found in the Resource Center.

Furloughing employees

If you find that you are not able to fund all of your employees or you are temporarily closing, keep in mind furloughing employees.  Furloughing allows them to keep their health insurance, but they can also apply for unemployment until you are able to employ them again. 


Hospitals are looking for donations of PPE (Personal Protective equipment).  Please check your inventory if you have following unneeded supplies:

·       N95 masks

·       surgical masks

·       surgical gloves

·       goggles

·       face shields

·       gowns

·       PAPrs (powered air purifying respirators)

·       respirators

If you are able to donate supplies, please email our Executive Director, Kristy Radcliffe at as she is in contact with the state representatives who are distributing the supplies.

Last Monday, the CMS announced it was approving Medicaid Section 1135 waivers to 11 states in response to the COVD- 19 pandemic as noted on

The list of states includes Alabama, Arizona, California, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Caroline, and Virginia. Last week, the CMS approved COVID-19 related state waivers for Florida and Washington.

Under the waivers, states can temporarily suspend prior authorization requirements, extend existing authorization requirements, extend existing authorizations for services through the end of the public health emergency, suspend some nursing home pre-admission reviews, ease reimbursement for care delivered in alternative settings due to facility evacuations, and relax provider enrollment requirements to allow states to more quickly reenroll out-of-state or other new providers to expand access to care.

The IPMA is your recourse for questions and concerns. We have added a COVID- 19 Resource Center to our website.

Please contact us with questions through the Contact Us option found on the IPMA website.

Together we will get through these challenging times.

Patrick McEneaney, D.P.M., F.A.C.F.A.S., A.A.P.W.C.A.
IPMA President

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